Unlocking Global Talent

Struggling to fill those vacant positions within your business? Odds are, you are not alone. Following a recent report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 27 per cent of all reporting businesses were finding it difficult to fill jobs. With a distinct lack of suitable applicants, many businesses within Australia have begun recruiting staff abroad. What’s very clear is that there is a pool of virtually untapped talent in the Philippines.

Complete Outsourcing Solutions is an Australian business that recruits full-time employees on behalf of small businesses in Australia. They manage the entire recruitment process from start to finish and employ high quality and highly educated employees in the Philippines, who work solely for individual Australian companies.

With increased access to extremely talented and highly skilled candidates abroad, small businesses in Australia are beginning to see the immediate benefits of outsourcing. This is supported by a recent report by Inside Small Business, highlighting the marked increase in small businesses utilising outsourcing firms to help maximise their capital and access to global resources.

When most small to medium-sized businesses think about outsourcing, they do so with a hint of uncertainty. Where do they start? How can they make sure they find an employee who’s the right fit? Complete Outsourcing Solutions guarantee the right fit. If it’s not working, then they’ll make sure they find the right employee. With a unique business model, they are equipped to hire one employee or an entire team of dedicated staff abroad.

The benefits of outsourcing far outweigh any uncertainty, with lower employment costs, access to high-quality employees and a full-service recruitment process (including coaching and support) managed by a dedicated account manager. This offshore outsourcing solutions model suits positions in customer service, administration, digital marketing, creative design, content management, finance and back-office processing.

To remain competitive, many small businesses are outsourcing their customer service components to have 24/7 customer care. As technology enhances reach and exposure, so too does the need to think globally. When Filipino employees work for Australian organisations, there is minimal time difference, allowing for seamless communication and management.

This flexible approach to outsourcing means employees, both in the Philippines and Australia, work their usual hours of employment with minimal impact on their life outside their work, boosting morale and overall productivity. According to a recent global outsourcing report by Deloitte, firms will continue to accelerate their outsourcing potential in the future as they learn to adapt to a world where speed, flexibility and cost are of greater importance than geography.

Complete Outsourcing Solutions prides itself on offering ethical employment services. With a focus on permanent employment solutions and above standard working environments. All staff have access to fully serviced, air-conditioned offices which are uniquely designed to ensure that individuals can work within their teams if they need to and focus on core business values and operations. All offices have the latest hardware technology and security mechanisms in place to ensure network connections are secure and backed up.

The Philippines is the third-largest English-speaking country in the world, with over 750,000 graduates each year. With many Australian small to medium-sized businesses struggling to fill roles with suitable Australian applicants, outsourcing employment abroad has become an exceptional option. Offering not only a large pool of very talented candidates but also an advantageous prospect for any small to medium business wanting to remain competitive.

The pandemic has shown businesses around the world that remote work is possible and that the staff they choose to hire do not have to live locally or even in the same country. Outsourcing tasks that are time-consuming and outside of many business owners core capabilities, ensures business owners remain focused on the strategic functions of the business. Freeing up time and resources and allowing for greater efficiencies in all aspects of the business.

As the Great Resignation takes hold across the country, how organisations continue to operate will have to change. A recent report by Microsoft suggests that over 40 per cent of the global workforce are contemplating leaving their job. With many small businesses struggling to fill roles across Australia and with 24/7 customer care becoming a priority to remain competitive, outsourcing just makes sense. As technology continues to breathe life into our ever-changing landscape, so too does the potential in outsourcing our work and unlocking the pool of global talent that sits right at our fingertips.