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What are the most frequently outsourced jobs?

There is often a preconceived view of outsourcing being limited to large-scale call centres or high data processing driven roles.

More recently, there has been a shift in the types of roles that businesses are looking to recruit for as record-breakingly low unemployment levels and low immigration make it increasingly difficult to find the right talent locally.

Many forward-thinking businesses are now looking internationally to recruit for highly technical roles with specific skill sets as well as the more traditionally outsourced roles.

Outlined below are some of the most common roles that Complete Outsourcing Solutions can recruit for:

Customer Support Services

Provide a range of customer services to assist your clients.

IT Outsourcing

Information Technology experts can help you with the creation, development, management, and optimisation of information within your company.

Content Development and Digital Marketing

Widen your reach through engaging marketing. This can include the preparation of strategies, methods, and calendars to boost brand visibility.

Web Design and Maintenance

Build and customise websites in accordance with your branding.

Supply Chain Management

Create an efficient flow of goods, services, and processes to maximise customer value.

Human Resource Management

Focus on finding talent for your workforce, as well as handling the training, onboarding, and processing of documentation.

Accounting and Finance

Creation of financial reports and interpret them to assist you in decision-making.

Training Administration

Coordination of employees, employers, and management training.

Research and Design

As a business grows, leaders will need to innovate and create new products. This type of service can focus only on the research and design of new materials, processes, and products suitable for your business.

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