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Chalk and Ward Services

How it works

Initial Consultation Calibration meeting with our team to discuss specific talent needs, goals and job descriptions for your future team or staff member in the Philippines. During this initial meeting, we will also outline potential costs and salaries for your intended positions.  Sourcing & Initial Interview We leverage our excellent employer reputation to attract the [...]


Data Entry Specialists Data entry is tedious and time consuming. Reduce administrative burdens, save time and reduce costs. Your team will compile and enter data producing the reports that you need. Lodging orders with suppliers Need to order stock but don’t have the time? Let your team do it for you. They will research the [...]


Recording finances accurately is essential to any business. Benefit from better processes, technology, skilled professionals and faster turnaround time. Payroll Single Touch Payroll (STP) is easy for your accounts team. Relax knowing that your staff will be paid on time every time. Invoicing Spending your days invoicing can be time consuming and unproductive. Let your [...]

Customer Support

Providing quick and accurate answers, help, and guidance for your customers while they are using your service or product. Phone support Your customer support team will free up your time by Our receptionists will free your time by filtering your incoming calls and answering frequently asked questions. Online Chat If a prospective client is on [...]