Changing landscape of global business. Why offshore outsourcing is supporting Australian jobs?

Are you worried that outsourcing your work to the Philippines will take away Australian jobs? What if we told you that with each position outsourced abroad, Australian companies are then given the opportunity to scale and grow much faster, creating more job opportunities for Australians. As companies bend and shuffle to meet the demands of 24/7 customer care and instant gratification, the nature and types of roles required to meet these needs have changed. To remain competitive companies have had to implement different solutions and with the pandemic shifting the employment landscape considerably, outsourcing to the Philippines makes perfect sense.

A recent small business outsourcing survey by TechBehemoths valued the Global Business Process Outsourcing market at approximately $232 bn, with forecasts for this to continue to grow substantially. While the pandemic is responsible for igniting some dramatic changes in the way companies operate, the overall changing nature and shift in general business trends play a significant role as well.

Complete Outsourcing Solutions is an Australian outsourcing service developed outsource jobs ethically to the Philippines. They find employees for small to medium-sized Australian businesses, for positions that need to be filled. Offering complete, start to finish recruitment management, hiring qualified and highly educated Filipino candidates. With jobs ranging from social media and customer service to IT, data entry and creative services. Many Filipino employees have worked for large US companies before and they are experienced in working with teams all around the world. As many businesses work to scale and grow their business, more and more are discovering that the positions they can’t fill in Australia can be performed at the same standard, if not better, in some instances, by their Filipino candidates.

As we shuffle towards a post-pandemic life, some of the ways businesses have evolved during this time will continue to be adapted and developed into the future. With a massive shift towards the remote work environment likely here to stay. A recent study by Deloitte looking at the outsourcing ecosystem and future trends supports the idea that physical colocation of resources is required to run a business. In fact, with more businesses struggling to fill roles locally, many will outsource these and capitalise on the increased talent that’s accessible globally.

The pandemic brought with it an increased nervousness among many businesses. With companies around the globe cutting costs due to inconsistent revenue and government restrictions. Many organisations continued to operate with minimal staff and reduced hours. But as the landscape continued to shift, so did technology. The latest research on outsourcing in Australia by Inside Small Business identified that new cyber-security technology, implemented to protect information offered peace of mind to many businesses across the globe. While businesses pivoted and adapted to an ever-changing environment, the technology strengthened their trust in outsourcing systems, allowing them to grow and thrive.

Complete Outsourcing Solutions are giving Australian businesses a genuine chance to grow and adapt during a post-pandemic life. Offering businesses complete peace of mind that their new team member offshore is well equipped to understand their business and their work environment fully supports this. There’s no doubt that the years ahead will be challenging for many businesses wanting to grow. With a shortage of willing applicants locally, outsourcing services will continue to be a viable option for many wanting to outsource work. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that a team of people can work anywhere in the world and still run a very successful company. Sometimes we just need to think outside of the square a little.